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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged for uploading the ads?

Uploading your ads is absolutely free in addition you can upload anytime, you are also not limited to many ads post.

How long will my ads stay live?

Currently there are no periods of expiry. All ads will stay maximum time until bought or sold by us. You are advised to put your best pictures and descriptions

Will my details be secured?

We value your trust, hence we will not share or sell your details. All informations will be with utmost confidential and will not shared with third parties.

Are there charges upon selling?

We only charge commission when your property get sold.

Is Garitrade available all over Kenya?

Garitrade intends to sell all over Kenya, we will be recruiting agents who will be based at different towns and locations. Will share the details information once done with recruitments. This will help sell or buy quickly as we leverage on the many agent near you.


We will announce soon on agents recruitments. Keep following us on our website, social media for more information.

Garitrade Administration

*** Still not satisfied with answers, kindly call us on: Tel: +254700077414 or an email in the contact form we will be glad to answer all your queries.